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Grace Sherlock toyed with the idea of walking around the block a few times but ultimately decided to press pause and put her feet up.

Walking home this afternoon with the warm Simpson Desert sunshine on her shoulders, the content of her podcast was anything but.

She spoke to The Advocate a short time ago via mobile telephone.

“It’s about this girl that got abducted in Ohio in like the 70s, it’s really full-on but so interesting at the same times,” she said.

“I don’t want to give too much away but it sounds like the police force was complicate in the cover-up and the whole justice system was full of rot at the time – but this intrepid young journalist from New York was determined to get to the bottom of it,”

“So when I was getting home from work this morning, like just as I was walking in the door, they dropped a bombshell on us that was so big I considered walking around the block a few times to hear it.”


When asked if she could’ve just listened to the rest of the episode in the comfort of her own home, Grace laughed and said only freaks and weirdos listen to podcasts at home.

The 24-year-old swashbuckling design student took the time to explain her point of view and why people of her ilk only listen to podcasts when they’re on the move.

“Otherwise they’re boring as hell. You have to be doing something, like walking or jogging, while you’re listening to a podcast because your mind wonders if you don’t.”

More to come.

One podcast that Grace recommends is The Betoota Advocate Podcast, which is recorded weekly at the Koala Mattress Studio within Desert Rock FM, Betoota’s second-oldest classic hits radio station. 

This week’s show was with Hollywood actor Luke Bracey, who spoke to The Advocate’s editors about life in Los Angeles, how he got his start in the industry as well as tomorrow’s Origin showdown between the Queensland Maroons and the NSW Spoonmen.


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