There have been some stern words at the Daily Telegraph today after a serious error was made in putting the paper together last night.

One of the editors of the  Harbour City’s highest-circulated newspaper, Kristofer Window took the night off to enjoy some time with his family. Wrongly assuming that he was leaving the paper in good hands.

However, he was reportedly fuming this morning after noticing that his Deputy and Sub Editors had forgotten to take the name off the liberal party press release they ran as front page news.

The front page came courtesy of Peter Dutton’s staffers and had the Home Affairs office listed as the reporter for the story.

“Who the fuck looked over this,” he bellowed out this morning, waving a copy of the tabloid in front of his underlings.

“It’s a big slip up. You realise people might start asking whether we are towing a particular party line” shouted the editor.

An close staff member, who requested that they remain anonymous, told The Advocate that he doesn’t believe the debacle will change too much.

“Oh yeah there will be redundancies, but that’s because print news is failing financially and they were going to happen anyway.”

“They are gonna keep this up… Our job now is to just think up funny headlines and stuff.”

“Or should I say punny! [ha ha ha]”


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