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A Betoota Heights community member is being heaped with praise this week, after demonstrating impeccable conflict resolution skills in a tricky situation.

Alison Clifton has won plenty of fans in the community after resolving a dispute with the local Chinese Restaurant by viciously attacking them on the community Facebook group.

The local mother of 3 posted in the group a short time ago, smearing the name of the business and urging fellow community members to cripple the family’s livelihood.

“Just wanted to let everyone know to stay AWAY from GOLDEN MOON” began the angry post that could have just been a quick phone call, if she wasn’t a coward.

The blatant attack for what seemed like quite an honest mistake was then followed up with some good old-fashioned regional gossip, with the accusation the restaurant has rats running around the back, and that chicken was seen defrosting out the back in the sun.

“Look, I just want to let people know about my experience,” said the local hairdresser who hates drama but spends 50% of her waking minutes seemingly dedicated to it.

“It’s not good enough”

“I still want my dim sim by the way,” she said.

The Advocate contacted the Golden Moon restaurant for comment and was met with some heavy sighs.

“We missed a dim sim. Sorry. If she’d messaged us, I would have got the son to drop an extra serve and some prawn crackers at her place no dramas,” said the owner today.

“Instead she’s tried to shame us in front of the whole community and probably cost us a fuck load of customers because she wants to blow off steam about her husband being a problem gambler who’s having a fling with the woman who works behind the bistro at the RSL.”

“And pardon me for not talking culinary advice on how to make Mongolian lamb from a local Alison,” she laughed.

“At least lots of nice people stuck up for us”

“That’s something.”


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