A local woman has today been lucky enough to receive a warning shot, before agreeing to a date with a potential fuck boy, it’s reported.

Abby Clarke [26] was out with a few friends last Friday night, when she ended up exchanging flirty banter with a cutie in the smoker’s area.

As she’d playfully engaged in some verbal sparring with the gentleman, who was as witty as he was a looker, Abby had quickly started to map out her cute ‘how we met story’ and thinking how easily he would fit into her friendship group.

Though the thought of him having a girlfriend floated in her head, as was usually the case, Abby had her doubts erased when he suggested catching up for a drink some time.

A relief that was unfortunately temporary, as he immediately followed up by asking for her Snapchat.

Pissed off and saddened by the development, Abby speaks to our reporter Effie to voice her frustrations.

“For FUCK SAKE, Snapchat should not be a bloke’s go to form of communication”, says Abby, visibly distressed.

“Like why? Why can’t they ask for a number, or at least Facebook?”

“I mean Christ, I’ll even take Instagram if I’m desperate.”

“It’s like they’re not even trying to hide their fuck boy-ness anymore.”

“God, there’s always fucking something, isn’t there?”

More to come.


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