A group of old mates are currently texting their girlfriends and mothers to ask what the plan was for tonight, after finding themselves having a bit more fun than they imagined they would on Friday arvo drinks.

The vagueness of their text messages, which purport that not much is going on but it might be worth sticking around a bit longer anyway, is at odds with the behaviour inside the Lord Kidman hotel in South Betoota right now.

The already rowdy atmosphere, which has seen at least four rounds of Betoota Bitter schooners go down quite smoothly, has just been ramped up a notch by the arrival of several mates that everyone loves, but rarely gets to see that much.

“Is that Rod and Beaver?” asks 27-year-old concreter Carl.

“It fucking is. Oh boy. Did you text them?”

With Mikey confirming that he had in fact texted the Rod and Beavs, and that they have no plans other than to hang out with this specific circle of mates, it appears this Friday arvo session is about to really blow out.

“What’s been going on fuckheads?!” yells one of the greats, before being met with a hysterical bout of laughter from the boys.

“Lets tie one on!!”


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