The results are in and it looks like most Australians don’t mind the idea of legalising a recreational drug that has the potential to make even an NRL player consider a quiet night in.

According to the results of the National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 78% of Australians want cannabis to be decriminalised so we can all get high guilt-free and the $1.1 billion spent policing the green corn can be spent on literally anything else.

Although the findings of the national study are two years old, they have seen a recent surge in popularity that probably has nothing to do with the lockdown 70% of the country are currently in.

Once believed to be a society destroying drug, cannabis has slowly become more accepted around the world due to success stories like The Netherlands and Seth Rogen, proving you can smoke pot and turn out alright.

Yet still to this day, prominent Australian politicians remain staunch in their stance against cannabis legalisation, except strangely in the nation’s capital, where all politicians congregate in 18 to 20 weeks of the year, where small amounts are allowed.

This does not sit right with cannabis activists such as Salvador Moonen (36) who is pretty anti-government and anti-capitalism until it comes time to discuss cannabis legalisation.

“If the government taxed it they would make so much money!” stated the young man who pays the bulk of his yearly tax when buying tobacco for spin.

“Plus, people would be so much more chill about lockdown. Not that we should be, but we would be.” 

“Do you think anti-mask activists would be out [protesting in the] street when they could be at home with a legal bag of an 18% Maui hybrid and a bowl of soy crisps?” 

Only The Greens party has put forward motions to decriminalise the drug as medicine for those who need to increase their appetite, deal with chronic pain and laugh a lot harder during Adventure Time. 


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