A report commissioned by the RFS has revealed that a car’s flammability is inversely proportional to the amount of rego remaining. 

“The results were quite striking” said RFS Spokesman Eddy Holmatro.

“We compared the amount of rego remaining on all of the vehicle fire callouts for the past 12 months and discovered that cars with less than one week of rego were over 35% more likely to unexpectedly catch fire.”

“We’re reminding people to take care around rego time and renew that rego as quickly as possible to stay safe. Also, cancel that insurance policy or at least call your insurer and ask them to reduce the payout amount because that also appears to be a risk factor”.      

However, motorist Darren Vegel, who has had several cars with fucked head gaskets written off due to extremely localised hail damage, says the findings just represent ‘bad luck’.  

“It’s not that strange. I mean, my last car was stolen and torched when the rego was about to run out, but these things do happen. And when my previous car’s rego was about to run out it was also stolen, so it’s just bad luck really. I would have been devastated if they weren’t insured for double what I could have sold them for”. 


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