A local bloke who was keen on showing his mate a movie has had his heart crushed today, when it was obvious his mate wasn’t vibing the plot.

Alex Woodward [26] had allegedly spoken about the movie ‘The Other Guys’ to his mate Tyler for weeks, and promised it would be ‘the funniest movie he ever saw.’

However, when he’d popped the movie on Streamio and leaned back to enjoy it, Alex had grown increasingly anxious as he looked to Tyler for reactions, who merely grinned a tight-lipped smile any time he caught Alex staring.

Laughing even louder than what was needed in an effort to garner a reaction, Alex had tried his best to convince his mate the movie was any good, even repeating lines he thought were especially clever.

He might have been able to tell himself that maybe Tyler just wasn’t big on reactions, had he not been dealt the ultimate blow – the pee test. A surefire sign that Tyler really wasn’t interested in the plot.

As Tyler got up to go to the bathroom, a desperate Alex asked if he’d like to pause the movie and was reportedly absolutely shattered when his mate shot back with a ‘nah mate, keep it going.’

As he’d sunk back into his chair and glumly put the movie on pause anyway, Alex started to reevaluate if he actually liked the plot at all and mentally picked apart every scene.

More to come.


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