Australian TV and theatre star David Campbell would be pretty good fun at the back end of a ‘real go’ – it has been confirmed.

A recent survey of Australians over 18 has found that a vast majority of the population find David Campbell’s sporadic singing, dancing and quick-wit both outrageous and cordial enough to invite him down into the trenches for a good old fashioned bender.

It is not known by this newspaper if David Campbell gets down like that, but it’s fair to say that he comes from good stock.

The new study, conducted by the Licensing Inquiries and Testing For Australian Management (LitFam) ombudsman, revealed that 1 in 5 Australians would enjoy being stuck next to the Today Extra host at a high-energy kick-on at a house that belongs to a friend of a friend.

His ability to sing any Johnny O’Keefe song on command and dance like most white men can’t is a skillset that would be both hilarious and impressive at sunrise, when everyone’s brain has turned into daiquiri pre-mixer.

While his network colleague Karl Stefanovic is often acknowledged as the biggest piss-pot on breakfast TV, many Australians do not believe he would be able to go the distance nowadays – and view him as more of a short-and-sharp-skip-dinner type of party boy.

Rival breakfast host David Koch is widely known as a man who slows down after two glasses of shiraz, before getting defensive and telling everyone about how hard him and the finance boys hit it in the 90s.

However, according to the survey, David Campbell gives Australians the impression that he may be one of the crucial ‘instigators’ required at a kick-on. Someone with the ability to stir and enable the most debaucherous behaviour, while also keeping a safe distance from it.

David Campbell was asked for comment on this survey but declined, insisting that he’s got a Carol In The Domain type of brand to look after nowadays.

However, he did tell our editors to make sure we meet him at the Gold Coast’s Star Casino Cherry Bar at the conclusion of the Logie Awards formal proceedings.


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