It’s currently 19 degrees and sunny in the Harbour City – and a bad day to be a patch of grass down there.

On the first Friday since outdoor picnics were legalised, stir-crazy Sydney residents are making their way to the nearest park or footy oval and giving it a real old crack.

On the 26th of August, the then NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian faced the media to announce the terrifying, record-breaking, 1029 news cases.

She also took that opportunity to reveal that were lockdown perks incoming!, including some easing of restrictions from September 13.

Outside of the LGAs of concern across Greater Sydney, five fully vaccinated people, who do not need to be from the same household, can meet outdoors for recreation – BYO sangas. This gathering can also include an unlimited number of children under 12 years old.

There has been a lot of speculation as to how this weekend would play out – and southern media can confirm it looks like exactly what we all thought it would.

Today in Sydney’s Centennial Park, a gaggle of pent up Sydney girls are pulling the lever on their cabin-fever.

Ally Earlwood, and her crew of fringe-LGA-of-concern ride or dies are making a day of it.

With a table setting that overshadows the likes of the Ivy Rooftop and Icebergs terraces, it is believed Ally and the girls must have spent up to 3 hours construction this glamping set up.

Champagne was served at 11am, and a DIY paella camencita has been cooking since 9am.

There are no time limits on these picnics, and the girls have up to 20 champagne ice buckets on hand.

The only thing missing is a group of single boys to admire from a distance, but one of these hot messes reckons she just heard the whistle of a vortex.

“Let’s go girls” says Shania, on the bluetooth speakers.


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