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A 39-year-old Byron man, who was actually born there to working parents, has broken edge this morning to do his part to make sure this useless fucking government doesn’t lock down half the population again.

Gordon O’Connor has been straight edge since 2004 and says that despite all the human effluent that’s moved to the area in the past 30 years, things are beginning to look better.

“Since 2004, the only shit I’ve put in my body is food and liquid. No drugs, no alcohol, no nicotine. But this is something more important. I’m getting the fucking AZ because it’s there,” he said.

“Like, I’d prefer the other one but those pigs in government have taken them all away from regional areas to give to Year 12 students in Sydney,”

“But who cares. I’m breaking edge for this shit. I’ve already put up with so much in this community. All these fucking famous people here, most of who jumped the hotel quarantine rules to do it at some fucking mansion here. All these Sydney people here illegally, they’re probably covered in this virus,”

“So I’m doing this for my own protection. My own protection and my family’s protection.”

More to come.


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