2 March, 2017. 17:45

INGRID DOULTON | Lady Writer | Contact

Despite conservation efforts over the past decade, the Female Australian CEO (Hippocampus Homo Greerius) has been added to the IUCN Critically Endangered Species list overnight.

Spurred on by a recent study into the heads of ASX-listed public companies, the International Union for Conservation of Nature today announced that only 15% of companies are lead by females – down almost 10% on the last financial year.

While close to half the number of female CEOs are listed as being in captivity, the species is not extinct in the wild at the moment, but current populations are dwindling.

“It’s a shocking development, but our main goal at the moment is rebuilding the wild numbers,” said an IUCN spokesman.

“Our breeding programme is also facing funding cuts and we’ve found that once a female has offspring, the workforce window tends to close quite faster. However, most of our research is focused toward rectifying that.”

“We’re hopeful that the species, once protected by law, will begin to grow.”

More to come.



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