Senator Pauline Hanson has drawn roars of support from a crowd of imminent One Nation voters, in some town that Bill Shorten and Annastacia Palaszczuk has never heard of, today.

Standing on a podium with an 5 x 5 metre Australian flag draped behind her, Hanson assured the crowd that, aside from the random influx of political donations she has taken from anonymous sources, she was the only candidate that was listening to their cries.

“I know how you feel. I know how these politicians make you feel. I promise you that, if you keep voting for me, you will never, ever be made to feel stupid again”

“I promise, that if you vote for me, I will draft out thousands of new laws that will make your lives better than they have ever been”

“I will make this town the richest town in Australia. I promise you that every single one of you will be a millionaire”

With her new ‘Battler Bus’ parked behind her and a growing crowd on undecided Queensland voters, Pauline Hanson has promised that life will be so much better if people recklessly vote for her unvetted candidates

Local voter, Paul Clearey (55) says that if what Pauline is saying is true, she would be the best Prime Minister Australia’s ever had.

“I’m sick of hearing words like ‘sycophant’ and ‘plebescite’ – I want a leader who speaks my language, or at least dumbs herself down to speak my language”

Another supporter said Pauline seems too good to be true, but of course he’s going to vote for her over some fuckwit wearing a suit in Melbourne, or Sydney.

“She’s the only one talking about Muslims.

“I didn’t even know how dangerous they were until I saw her talking about them on Sunrise. And now, she’s the only one doing anything about it”




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