For the past 10-15 years, the QLD government have spent millions on advertising campaigns trying to promote safer driving. However, in a progressive move by police, they have today announced a loop hole; people caught dart-driving won’t face charges if they can demonstrate that they can confidently drive with their knees.

Constable Tom Winfield caught up with our reporters earlier to discuss the intricacies of the law and to see how the public have been taking it so far.

“We’re still ironing out a few kinks; for example, people who use their mobile phones will still be charged”

“We are also looking into whether the exemption applies to people who smoke townies or e-cigarettes – personally I don’t think it should as they are a less pure tobacco, but we’ll see”  

“We had our first case earlier today, it was incredibly rewarding to see the relief on the young man’s face, it’s a pleasant change to the looks we usually get!”

The Advocate understands that to prove you are a competent knee driver you must do a hot lap with the police officer in the car with you, driving at an average of 90km/h and at times getting up to as much as 120km/h.

The loop hole has already ruffled a few feathers of our less progressive neighbours down south, with middle-aged white people taking to Facebook to share their unwanted opinions.



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