A recent survey carried out by Australia’s leading workplace hygiene body, Clean By Force (CBF) revealed that 95% of workplace dishwashers actually conduct a more thorough clean of its contents if the water flow and distribution are disrupted.

Gerard Finish, hygiene expert at CBF, excitedly announced the findings of his 5 year-long study and revealed some rather contentious outliers.

“Well, yes it all very exciting. For years the average Joe has been ridiculed and harassed about washing his lunch dishes properly before stacking them in the dishwasher, but our findings irrefutably contradict that old wives’ tale.”

“Haha [sic] an unintentional but relevant segue for myself there, but yes interestingly enough dishwashers in a home environment still require the extra labour of cleaning and bit of crockery Tetris to be cleaned properly”

Following a slightly distracted interview with Gerard, the Advocate caught up with a creative from Betoota’s lead advertising agency, PCTWWJ/Y, to see how they’re dealing with the changes.

“Absolutely loving it, now the psycho office manager doesn’t have anything to yell at me for” joked Felix, an aspiring art director.

More to come.



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