Following the unexpected political revolutions of 2016 that included Brexit, the rise of Rodrigo Duterte and the election of Donald Trump – media outlets around the world are starting to realise that their news, polls, programming and opinions aren’t actually very reflective of their supposed audiences.

Many say this is a result of our media and political elite’s ignorance to the several decades socio-economic fallout of globalisation, others say it’s because of white men wearing suits, sitting behind panel desks making fun the everyday man in five minutes rants that they are hoping will go ‘viral’ on social media.

When it comes to Australia’s volatile political climate, one thing that cannot be denied is that the masses are expressing how dissatisfied they are with two major parties that spend most of their time debating the cleanest way to burn coal, or the sixteen different ways they might be able to legalise gay marriage.

Right around the world, the recently diagnosed ‘politically correct elite’ are now being shunned for unorganised, sensationalised and divisive populist movements.

In Australia, it is predicted that one in four people will be voting for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in the upcoming Queensland state election.

It is with these alarming stats, that are probably still not as alarming as the real sentiments of voters, where one must actually ask themselves the question?  How detached am I from the Australian working class?

Are you as detached as the Melbourne-centric upper middle class caucasian male circle-jerk that is ABC Comedy TV? Or do you view yourself as something in between a grade cricketer and a canteen mum?

Do you think that the public broadcasters decision to commission millions of taxpayer dollars towards four seasons of ‘sitcom’ television based around Josh Thomas’ journey through young adulthood is completely fine? Do you like the way that Adam Hills yells at you?

Do you enjoy seeing Charlie Pickering over-laugh while interviewing exhausted Hollywood celebrities at the back end of a press junket? Or are you more concerned about why they have banned punching in State Of Origin?

POLL: leave your answer in the comments and let us get some real statistics that might explain why our seemingly well-educated working class are so keen on electing people who think NASA is corrupting environmental data as part of their communist agenda to deindustrialise our economy.

How Detached Are You From Australia’s Working Class 

1. You’ve watched your dad fight someone in an RSL

2. You regularly watch the Footy Show (NRL)

3. You regularly watch the Footy Show (AFL)

4. You know all the words to Khe Sanh

5. Pauline Hanson sounds like your aunty but you’ve never met a Muslim

6. You wear a scarf to the football

7. You often use Twitter

8. You tell people how much you appreciate British Comedy 

9. You talk about Paul Keating’s greatest insults at dinner parties

10. ABC TV Comedy




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