28 February, 2017. 9:45

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It’s enough to drive even the most blasé bloke up the wall and make him wonder if the person he’s interacting with has rocks in their head.

An intern at Betoota Base Hospital has been getting a large strong flat white every morning since getting the prize posting to the desert capital late last year.

Sam Madden has made his way through the doors of Cafe Pisse Dans Ma Poche in the Old City district for the last twelve weeks, ordered his coffee and croissant then told the barista his name in a clear and dulcet voice when asked for it.

“And the dip stick still manages to fuck it up,” said the 27-year-old medicine graduate.

“Some days it’s Pam, others it’s San or Son. The bearded fuck simply cannot wrap his head around the three-letter-spelling of my name. People who speak Engish as a seventeenth language could work it out. I’m beginning to think it might be personal.”

Madden revealed to The Advocate during an interview this morning that if the barista misspells his name again tomorrow, he’s going to jump the counter and knock him out where he stands.

“Then I’ll put him back together at the hospital after I’ve calmed down a bit. But fuck me, it’s enough to drive you mad.”

However, upon speaking to Mitchell Brown, the barista at the centre of the storm, it seems that the whole thing is a simple misunderstanding.

“Pam is one of our best customers, I love him! [laughs] Large double shot flat white, no sugar! [laughs] Yeah, I know Pam. He’s a legend,” said Brown.

“Yeah, but nah, know what you mean, aye? Bit weird for a bloke to be called Pam. At first, I thought he was a she. But you know, these days you can’t really make that judgement without looking like a Mel Gibson-type social goblin. It is what it is, then you die [laughs].”

More to come.



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