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The Prime Minister is facing criticism today for not cutting his family holiday short as Canberra grapples with an out-of-control fire.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has been lighting spot fires that nobody has been able to put out, a job usually left to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The fires are threatening to join up, creating a mega-blaze that could permanently destabilise this government – which is only held together with spit and rubber bands at this point.

But the NSW State Government is refusing to declare a state of emergency as the fires could, at this point, put themselves out if the Deputy Prime Minister elects to just stop holding press conferences until next week.

Whether he does that, the CSIRO is unsure.

Speaking to The Advocate today, a polite young lady from the nation’s peak scientific body said it’s her job to do research into these types of things and thought it’s early on, she’s not confident of a positive outcome just yet.

“If we see the Deputy Prime Minister hold another couple of press conference where he might say things like Gough Whitlam is responsible for introducing HIV to Australia or perhaps something like Suspiciously Wealthy Lives Of Upper-Middle-Class Regional White Men Lives Matter, Too then we might have a fire the real Prime Minister will struggle to put out,” she said.

“Which is why people are calling on big Scott to come home sort this shit out with his team of spin doctors and social media managers. Before it’s too late. That’s where the criticism is coming from,”

“What happens next, not even Michael knows I don’t think.”

More to come.


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