The Acting Prime Minister has today done his best to replicate the bumbling efforts of the man he’s filling in for.

This comes after National’s Leader and fill in Michael McCormack today compared the 2019 School Climate Strike to the Capitol Hill Insurrection.

“The fact that there are more protests planned in the United States is very similar to what we have seen here,” explained McCormack in regards to fears of an ‘armed uprising’ occurring across the US over the coming weeks.

“We’ve seen it here with the Climate Civil War of 2019, where armies of youths stormed our streets to overthrow our government.”

His latest comments after he yesterday compared the storming of Capitol Hill which left 5 people dead to the BLM movement.

He referred to the protests as ‘race riots,’ which he and his government at the time demanded to be called off, and has since done absolutely nothing to address the issues that sparked the peaceful protests in the first place.

While those comments have drawn the ire of many, he has continued to double down and labelled our nation’s schoolchildren violent rioters.

“Look at what they did. It’s really not too dissimilar to an armed horde storming Capitol Hill and throwing the country into chaos,” said McCormack.

“I mean, the fossil fuels industry is an institution in our country, and these pesky kids threatening it with some signs and roadblocks really is a like for like,” explained the free speech advocate who told the kids to get back in school at the time of the protests.

“So, let’s not pretend like what’s going on over there is shocking okay. We’ve had radicals talk out country by storm too.”


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