Queensland’s Gold Coast has been praised today by both minority groups and politicians for managing to last 5 months without a video surfacing of a racist public transport incident.

Gold Coast mayor, Tom Tate, says he is very proud of his city for not making national headlines over picking on random strangers on a bus or light rail carriage, in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

“It’s very good progress” he said.

The visiting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also joined Tate in his encouragement of the town’s new PC-streak.

“Good work. Seriously” said Turnbull.

“Now, this next few weeks are the most important. We need you guys to keep up this whole not being filmed racially vilifying random people on public transport – not while we have visitors. Please”

Turnbull went on to say that he’s forwarded memos right around his party, instructing everyone to try and be on their best behaviour while the Queen sends her most treasured crown-ruled colonies to come to the Goldie and compete in events that no one is watching, or cares about.

“In fact, I’ve spoke to Peter Dutton, we’re gonna see if we can go a full fortnight without any racist incidents making it into our national headlines”

“The moment they leave you can go back to your everyday racism. I know Peter will”


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