Although Jocelyn Arndt (21) used reasonably ambiguous language when questioning her housemates over social media today, she has told The Advocate that she is fully aware who ‘the milk theft culprit’ is.

“Oh yeah, I one hundred percent know it was who drank my milk,” said the share tenant in an old French Quarter house.

Arndt’s statement to The Advocate comes shortly after the university student sent out an extremely passive aggressive message to her 5 housemates, requesting information on the alleged petty theft.

The message read:

“Hey guys, can whoever it is that keeps drinking my milk please stop. I don’t actually care about the cost of it, but I went to grab it out of the fridge before there was barely a mouthful left, and I had to go down the road to get some more. It’s just that it’s really annoying to have to get more because someone can’t be bothered to get there own.

Ps, are we still watching Black Mirror tonight?”

Arndt told us that although she didn’t specifically name her housemate Grace, she may as well have, “because everyone knows it was her.”

“Yeah, she also always drink the water from the glass bottles in the fridge and never fills em up,” said Arndt.

“I am too much of a pussy to message her directly, doing it through the group chat with a veil of uncertainty protects me on a whole lot more levels.”



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