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“We should do a podcast, guys,” he said, hoping nobody would take it seriously.

But seriously they did.

Today heralds the release of ‘The Drop Zone with John, Paul, Greg and Fork’ – a new podcast that promises to offer an in-depth and unique insight into nothing in particular.

Recorded in the living room of Fork’s French Quarter sharehouse, the first episode went off with a bang.

The quartet spoke to The Advocate briefly from that very same room.

“We got a few downloads,” said John, shortly before receiving a backslap from Paul.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day!”

A sharp rising giggle filled the room.

“Nah! But Brisbane was!” said Greg as the room exploded into rapturous, atavistic laugher.

One of the housemates poked his head out to see what all the commotion was about downstairs – just as Fork’s eyes rolled back in the head in sheer ecstasy and he slid off the couch.

“I think I’ve shit my pants!” yelled Fork to even more laughter.

Now all of his housemates were now cowering at the top of the stairs like scared children, watching and listening to the chaos.

While the room slowly returned to an acceptable level of noise, Greg cough-laughed and said that these types of laughs were only a small sample of those on offer.

Our reporter, still gagging at the smell of Fork’s freshly lined britches, backed out of the room quickly while giving them all a double-thumbs-up.

“Remember to like and subscribe! Five stars!” yelled Greg.

More to come.

If The Drop Zone with John, Paul, Greg and Fork doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, another new podcast featuring qualified, fearless and hard-hitting journalism is new on the scene. Try The Betoota Advocate Podcast out today! Broadcast on Mondays from Desert Rock FM in South Betoota. Each week, there’s a recap of the week’s news, an interview with a special guest plus much, much more. 


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