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Paul Keating, the 24th Prime Minister of Australia, has passed away on live television this afternoon after being asked about buying Dogecoin with early-withdrawn superannuation funds.

He was 77.

Mr Keating became visibly annoyed when the ABC’s Michael Rowland asked him about the popular crypto-currency that’s taking the world by storm at the moment.

However, when Rowland asked Keating about perhaps using funds withdrawn from super under the government’s current policy to invest in Dogecoin, Keating tensed up and swore.

He then went limp in the chair and sadly passed away.

Mr Rowland then directed his question to a visibly shaken and appalled Alan Kohler, who was off camera in the middle of eating lunch when he saw Mr Keating expire in front of him.

“Uh, don’t touch your super. Is somebody calling an ambulance?”

More to come.


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