Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been quick to shut down all suggestions that he has abandoned the political ideologies most commonly associated with the Liberal and National parties.

Turnbull, who was twice the Federal Leader of the Liberal Party and twice rolled as the Federal Leader of the Liberal Party – once in opposition against Gillard and once again as Prime Minister has this week been accused of ‘treasonous bastardry’ by the Deputy Premier of NSW, John Barilaro.

The volatile NSW National leader has been incensed by Turnbull’s decision to back an independent candidate in the the May 22 by-election for the marginal NSW seat of the Upper Hunter.

Turnbull, who appears to suddenly care about the reef bleaching and the bushfires now that he’s no longer towing the conservative line of the party that chose him to be their Prime Minister, has asked Upper Hunter voters to abandon the National party that has held the seat since 1932 and instead back his preferred environmentally-minded independent Kirsty O’Connell.

The semi-retired former investment banker’s blatant attempt at a mutiny against the mining billionaires that control his former party has put a target on Turnbull’s back – and resulted in him being vilified by the Coalition’s propaganda arm at the Murdoch media.

Political pundits right across NewsCorp’s 70% media market have this week accused Malcolm Turnbull of pulling a Reverse-Latham.

The accusations of a ‘reverse Latham’ imply that Turnbull has drifted drastically to the left-wing ever since being ousted from his party by the child torturing former highway cop, in the same way the humiliated former Labor leader Mark Latham has began exploring Christian reproductive health policies and white supremacy in his new role as a state senator for One Nation.

A win for O’Connell poll would send the NSW Berejiklian government into minority, but Mr Turnbull says it could be a positive for the Upper Hunter to “do a Zali”.

“I reject all claims that I have pulled a Reverse-Latham, or whatever those wine-soaked ex advertising cokeheads at Sky News want to accuse me of” said Turnbull.

“I’m simply here to offer an alternative to sodomising the earth with drills with overpaid bogans who drive Ford Raptors”

“Because that’s what Bruz [Barilaro] wants”

When asked how his explanation for political meddling in a state by-election could be perceived as anything but meddling, Turnbull said he wanted to make it clear he’s not backing ‘the other mob’ at all.

“I detest the insinuation that I care about workers!” said Turnbull

“I own horses up that way. Don’t think I don’t care about individuals making a sickening amount of money”

“I have the same disdain for Labor, I also think it would just be awful for the employers of this beautiful region to be controlled by a bunch of trade unions ensuring high wages and two ply toilet paper in the Portaloos”

“I guess you could say, I have my own idea of what the Upper Hunter should be, and it’s not run by communists…”

“But it’s also not run by those faceless cunts who forced me into an early retirement!”


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