Local child Sam Turbot cannot seem to catch a break.

Not only did she mess up an important part of her English assignment but her mate Sally also has the shits with her – which may or may not be completely Sam’s fault, but she’s not in the mood for self-reflection right now.

It’s alleged her morning had started pretty well with an impromptu game of heads down and thumbs up, but by the time the fourth period rolled around her day had pretty much gone to shit.

Now not on speaking terms with her best mate and dealing with a C average for an assignment she’d thought she’d nailed, Sam pretty much has to accept that her life is ruined…at least to her 12-year-old logic, anyway.

Unfortunately for Sam, she’s about to learn the golden rule of bad news – it always comes in threes.

Dramatically dropping her bag in the lounge room and huffing loudly enough to prompt some attention from mum, the brief reprieve from the day’s shit fest is instantly ruined when she spies the nail in the coffin sitting on the kitchen counter – a simmering crockpot.

Knowing her emotional state just can’t deal with a shit stew right now, Sam runs up to his room, hoping if she’s dramatic enough her mum might cave and buy some Maccas instead.

More to come.


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