It was only a matter of time before we witnessed the ripple effects of Instagram’s decision to hide “likes” from followers.

Not long after the social media platform made the money-making feature private, droves of bikini Influencers have declared that they are pregnant, in an effort to continue chasing compliments and praise from strangers.

In news today, this huge spike in pregnancies across the few thousand softcore pornography and aspiring softcore pornography models, has now been linked to the removal of the like feature.

With the inability to receive validation and recognition from society through the number of likes on photos of them posing on beaches, villa pools, gyms and European holidays, it’s been confirmed that the influencers have begun seeking praise elsewhere.

“Everyone knows it’s the easiest way to receive compliments and attention from people, so it’s been a logical next step,” explained a spokesperson from the industry named Tanyr White.

“It might not be as much attention from their normal audience of tradies and young male university students, but it will result in a lot of attention none the less.”

“So we are just hoping that the positive appraisals that keep our influencers validated keeps coming through.”

“And hopefully Instagram brings back that like feature.”


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