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A Betoota Heights man currently on holidays in Europe says he’s been doing a lot more clip-clopping in his Baxters than he anticipated.

Local city worker Devon Williams and his long term defacto, Frankie Ouyle, are midway through a European odyssey together and it’s become clear to The Advocate that one of them is much happier on foot than the other.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this morning via Skype, Devon said he’s done more steps on this trip than Moses did back when he was lost in the desert.

“We got back to the hotel one evening and my phone reckons I did 40 000 steps. That’s pretty crook if you ask me,” said Devon.

“Frankie’s been taking me to lots of nice places. Cafes, bakeries and museums. No pubs. Not that I’m complaining. All I’m saying is that my feet are fucking sore and I get into bed each night absolutely fucked,”

“Honest to God, this is what it must’ve been like for Grandpa on the Thai-Burma Railway. Every time I sit down and try to have a break, Frankie comes over and tells me to get up. It’s not Sandakan-level yet but it’s not far off,”

Devon’s eyes shot up as the hotel room door clicked.

“Anyway mate, things have been great over here. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. See ya! Oh wait, do you have any recommendations for Cologne?”

Our reporter indicated that he did not then Devon folded the laptop closed.

More to come.


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