In a touching story coming out of Victoria, the Department of Home Affairs has managed to help Crown Casino and Ivan Milat organise a nice little trip today.

It can be confirmed this afternoon, that the serial killer serving more than 7 life sentences, has currently been allowed out of Long Bay Correctional facility for a few hours to go and have a punt down at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

This comes following revelations that Crown Casino has been putting on a spread for high rolling gamblers accused of serious crimes and wanted by law enforcement agencies like INTERPOL, and facilitating criminal activity, money laundering and much more.

It was also confirmed amongst a myriad of other incredibly dodgy things being facilitated and perpetrated by Crown Casino, that the Department of Home Affairs has “stakeholder arrangements” with a number of large international organisations for the quick processing of short-stay visas, namely for alleged high ranking Chinese criminals who want to flush a bit of cash through the Cas.

The Department said that there has been no preferential treatment, despite the fact wanted criminals have been allowed to cruise around the country, and Ivan Milat has been allowed out of prison for a non-hospital trip, while ‘suspected criminals’ have been left stranded in off-shore detention for years.

“Look Crown explained that Ivan loves a bit of Black Jack, and he’s got a fair stash of coin that he’s willing to pump through our operation, so we happily contacted the relevant authorities and teed up a nice trip for him.”

“A whale’s a whale,” said the spokesperson referring to the seemingly free reign given to high net-worth gamblers.

“Anyway, I’m sure if there were any issues the Gambling Regulator would pull them up.”

More to come.


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