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The Betoota Mutts fourth-grade side are scheduled to play the Adavale Pigeons this morning on Leonard Oval 4, the football field with the cricket pitch right on half way.

Notorious for causing horrific rash injuries should a player be unlucky enough to be tackled in the middle of the ground, this time around the two captains of the opposing teams have made a gentleman’s agreement to not tackle anybody on it.

“This isn’t the first day of the Somme,” said Mutts captain Keith Du Santos.

“There’s no room for heroics in a fourth-grade clash, we’re here for the fun of it – and maybe some glory. But there’s never an excuse to be picked up and dropped on a cricket pitch. It’s simply inhumane.”

Du Santos’ sentiments were echoed by the Pigeons’ captain, who explained that “it’s a long way home if you’ve been repeatedly spear tackled on something like a sharp, abrasive cricket pitch.”

“I think it’s common sense,” said captain Emmet Marlow.

“We’re all farmers, ringers, fencers, labourers and so on. We can’t really afford to leave a third of our leg skin on a cricket pitch in Betoota. It’s just not worth it. So we made this agreement so we can all have a good time.”

The Advocate reached out the Channel Country Rugby Union Authority for comment surround the under-the-table arrangement, but have yet to receive a response.


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