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A local man has witnessed the best of humanity today, as he chewed through an overpriced salad sandwich and a giant cappuccino with 3 sugars. 

Enjoying a midday sit down in a local green space near his home, Kalen Watson said he was stoked to see countless coffee cups and rubbish littered across the park. 

“Really adds to the atmosphere of the park it does. Like an installation of public artwork,” he laughed. 

“You love to see it,” said the young engineer, feeling pleased with how he was feeling this Saturday morning. 

“Good to see we are on track to have plastic outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050.” 

“Stayed off the sauce last night, went for a run this morning and I thought I’d just soak up this beautiful day by having lunch in the park.” 

“And I’m obviously thankful we’ve got nice public green spaces, I mean lord knows I could be      somewhere where concrete is king, but Jesus, how hard is it for people to put their rubbish in a bin after they’re done with it,” he sighed.  

“I know people trot out their excuses about not enough bins and all that, but if it’s not in a bin, it’s on you. In Japan they have next to no public bins and there isn’t a shred of rubbish on the street.” 

“This cup,” he said pointing to a nearly finished half litre of milk with vanilla essence in it; “could get carried down our stormwater drains and into our rivers, creeks and oceans. And, it will take 30 years to break apart.” 

“Takes me 5 seconds to walk over to that bin and put it in.”

“Not hard, is it.” 


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