In an all-inclusive branding move, Australian women’s basketball team, The Opals, have rebranded as The Karens to better align themselves with the men’s team, The Boomers.

Once a term of endearment taken from a slang term for a male kangaroo, in recent years the term ‘boomer’ has become strongly associated with the surge of people born between 1948 to 1964 in the wake of World War II.

While it is surely unfair to judge a group of individuals based on the years of which they were born, members of the boomer generation have challenged this idea by hanging shit on the younger generations due to their inability to own homes and appreciate hip hop. 

This and other factors have led to Generations X, Y and Z often responding to all-caps boomer rants with a simple ‘OK Boomer’ cry call, which many boomers find equally infuriating and incomprehensible. 

According to the Australian Olympic Committee, the idea to change the name of the men’s basketball team did occur to them, but as many of them are boomers themselves, they made the call to double down and rebrand the women’s team The Karens. 

“We want to inspire fear in our opposition,” stated International Olympic Committee member John Coates, who proved during a press conference with QLD Premier Annastacia Palazczuk that he is in fact a textbook boomer.

“We believe a team of angry women with hair cropped close by a straight man, demanding a teenager on $11 an hour take their complaints seriously will be a lot more intimidating than a team named after a precious gem.”

Similarly to the term boomer, the women’s name Karen has also seen a recent downfall in popularity, likewise becoming a sarcastic branding tool for white women expressing public outrage through the demand of retail manager assistance and advocating for the type of violent police work that women’s basketball teams regularly protest against. 

“Make way for the Karens. And if we don’t pick up a medal, we will be on the phone with the manager of the Olympics immediately.”


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