A struggling millennial has this weekend cosplayed as a boomer, by residing in a $600k property on the outskirts of Betoota Grove.

Jamie Thornton [26] had long given up the idea she would one day become a homeowner, choosing instead to spend a third of her income renting a home she could never afford.

So widespread is this malaise among his generation, that Jamie finds herself feeling confused rather than congratulatory when she sees a mutual friend bragging about buying their first home – because all she can think about is the fact they’ll never pay it off, so why bother at all.

This nihilistic attitude is common amongst his peers, who are more likely to delay or put off having children altogether, as the consensus is that being a parent is emotionally, physically and financially draining – not to mention the crippling sense of doom that we’re leaving our children a worse world than the one we inherited.

At least with the help of a disposable income, Jamie can spend $300 of her hard-earned money on a slightly above average property for the weekend. But hey, it has a balcony.

As she blows on her coffee and surveys the scenery, Jamie briefly imagines herself as a comfortable homeowner with a husband and child, before chastising herself for entertaining such a pipe dream.

More to come.


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