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Rock band Ocean Alley has seized an opportunity to make some more bank and released a new album titled Music For Breweries. 

Following on from their 2018 Hottest 100 win, the Northern Beaches group enjoyed widespread airtime in every type of venue where moustaches outnumber women 2:1, such as craft beer breweries.

Craft beer breweries are one of the fastest growing hospitality categories in Australia with an estimated four opening every moon cycle. 

Ocean Alley made the call to cash in on a lucrative audience that spends $18 on a jar with an album packed with hoppy hits just for breweries

“It really hazies my ales,” stated ironic WWE shirt wearer James Falk as he listened to track one titled IPA Highway.

“Pairs really well with this West Coast NEIPA. I don’t know if anyone has said this yet, but this is a bop.”

According to Ocean Alley frontman Baden Donegal, this album is not the beginning of a new chapter for the band but “the opening of a fresh keg.”

When asked if the album contained a track that could again see the band reach number 1 on the annual triple j countdown, Donegal laughed and said it was not actually their plan.

“We hope people will say ‘this should have been higher!’ We think this album will really resonate with people who say those sort of things.”

“Be on the lookout for the barrel-aged vinyl release!”


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