Local systems manager, Luke Farley, is now confident enough to throw caution to the wind.

With Her Majesty’s Birthday tomorrow, the young man has all but confirmed he’s going to give it a nudge.

“God Bless the queen aye” he said.

His 9-5 job as a cloud software monitor for a large recruitment company in Inner-West Betoota is a long long way away, as the 31-year-old points his finger around the table to see who’s up for another schooner.

When asked if there’s any chance he might get carried away, Luke brushes off concern by pointing out that it gets darker way earlier in winter, and he’s not the type of bloke who floats around the pub on a school night.

“Another Betoota Bitter?” he asks his six friends that have stuck around after lunch, knowing full well that this could easily result in six more guilt-free schooners, if it were to turn into a round.

“I wanna try one of those passionfruit things they’ve got on the menu too. Looks like a nice little cocktail”

Despite the fact that he has breakfast with his inlaws tomorrow then a catch-up game of footy, Luke has all but convinced himself that his Monday schedule is looking pretty free.

“Yeah. I’ve got nothing on… I could even call in sick to this breaky if I wanted to”

“Anyone keen on splitting a bag?”

“I’ve got nothing on tomorrow”


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