oBike have today revealed that their Australian roll out has achieved the unachievable, successfully tapping into the ‘townie’ market in regional Australia.

Launched in Singapore in February 2017, oBike is the world’s first homegrown stationless bicycle-sharing system with operations in several countries. The bikes have a built-in Bluetooth lock and can therefore be left anywhere at the end of a journey, not just at a docking station.

However, due to the lack of people who live outside of the major cities needing to ‘borrow a bike’ for a quick errand, many thought the multinational transport start-up would never make it’s way out of Sydney and Melbourne.

That, apparently, is not the case – with hundreds of thousands of townie kids downloading the app this last week.

Their secret? Obike says it comes down to adding stunt pegs to their bicycles, so that the local ferals can double each other – as well as do some grinds at the skate park.

“Who would have thought” says the companies Singaporean-based CEO Elon Bott.

“These little rat tails kids can’t get enough of them. We can tell from our data that barely any travel more than a few blocks, but still they are using them all day at the skate park”

“Our analysts tell us that this has a lot to do with their high energy levels from their copious consumption of Monster Energy drinks”

“Now we just need to make sure they don’t figure out how easy it is to steal them



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