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Only one person knows why Mike Guthrie’s phone has been ringing off the hook this afternoon – and he’s not about to reveal himself.

At least not to Mike.

Speaking candidly to The Advocate, one of Mike’s ‘friends’ told our reporter that the reason why his phone has been ringing non-stop since lunchtime is that he’s put an ad up for ‘cheap pit bull pups’ on the popular internet classifieds website, Gumtree.

“Mate, so funny,” said the friend, who asked to remain anonymous.

“Mike’s a real estate agent so he has to answer every call. Fuck man, seriously it’s so funny. A bloke in his office said he’s close to tears in frustration. I’ll take it down later on but I’ll let him suffer for the res tof the day,”

“Don’t tell him who’s done it! [laughs] Pit bull pups in Betoota Ponds! Genius!”

Betoota Ponds, on the southern end of the town’s third largest artificial lake, is home to the district’s bustling and cosmopolitan dog fighting district.

Shady men and women from all walks of life from around the country visit Betoota Ponds to both enjoy the dog fighting and take part in it.

Because of this popular toursit attraction, a steady supply of dogs such as pit bulls is needed to supply the industry.

The faux-ad priced each put at $250 – whereas a good, training adult with experience can fetch as much as a seventh-hand AU Fairmont.

The Advocate tried to reach out to Mike but couldn’t get through to his phone.

More to come.



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