The NSW Premier has surprised both sides of Government this week by revealing he isn’t too keen on the continuation of a Government watchdog that has investigated both his own Government and opposition Government’s before him.

Mike Baird has moved introduce a bill that radically overhauls the structure of the Independent Commission Against Corruption in the face of warnings from commissioners past and present that it will seriously weaken the organisation is extraordinary.

Baird is fond of repeating the mantra that he and his government “don’t see the need for ICAC” and that the only body he needs is body of Christ.

“There is nothing that ICAC does that my Church can’t do. When it comes to ensuring that I am honest and fair in my dealings as a state Premier…”

Mr Baird, who took over as Premier after his predecessor resigned following ICAC’s Operation Spicer investigation into the party’s election fundraising, says that people need to trust him more.

“I’m the one who shut down Kings Cross. I’m the one who nearly shut down Greyhound Racing. I am the social media Premier, remember?”

“God has lead me to some unpopular decisions, but never any illegal ones. I don’t understand ICAC’s obsession about my association with the Hillsong Church”

“It’s not like I was the one that had to sit before a Royal Commission into Child Abuse, it was my close mate Brian Houston [Hillsong founder]”

Premier Baird has also asked that people go back to pretending he was a harmless social media dad like they did 18 months ago while he was live-tweeting The Bachelor.

“C’mon. Forget about the fact that Shooters & Fishers Party just pulled a 35% swing in the Orange byelection. Remember when I did that funny State Of Origin video?”



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