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As the NRL’s annual Indigenous Round wrapped up on Sunday, the comments sections on certain Facebook pages have served as a reminder as to why rounds like this are needed.

The nod to our Indigenous athletes, who make up 12% of current NRL players, hopes to celebrate the culture of the players who bring so much to the game of rugby league.

However, for several Australian Flags and dirtbikes who have mastered the art of using social media they are not sure why they need to have an Indigenous Round at all.

“So are use gonna have an Aussie round then?” asked one ute with a lot of stickers on it named Bruce Shayler.

“it’s only fair!” 

Sadly, without knowing it, these groups of outraged inanimate objects have proven the need for the NRL to highlight our nation’s history.

“If ur having a smoke ceremony this week r u going to have another ozzy tradition next week?”

At the time of writing, a Mensa meetings’ worth of discussion has taken place in Fox Sports comment sections with many outraged footy fans unable to handle their code of choice changing their logo from green to orange for a week.

According to the Fox Sports comment section, however, these inclusive initiatives also turn free-thinking racists away.

“And pople wunder why we’re loosing fans [sic]?”

“Go woke, go broke”


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