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A Betoota Heights father of three has decided to get the spicy cough jab after being unsure about it for months.

Dennis Pooley was on the fence, he says, because he lives on the fringe of the mighty Simpson and rarely leaves our cosmopolitan desert community – which is yet to register a since case of the Pangolin’s Wrath.

That and he reckons it was developed to lower fertility rates and this whole thing was designed by a series of small, powerful families in Europe and North America to lower the global population.

“But,” he said.

“When I saw Scott Cam get the so-called Michelle Phifer jab on the TV, I knew I had to get it,”

“I know Scotty wouldn’t mislead me.”

When asked by The Advocate why he had the change of heart, he said it was because he already had three kids and didn’t want any more.

“It’s cheaper than getting my plums disconnected? Isn’t it?”

More to come.


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