Harvey Norman are under fire this week, as everyone starts to realise they are a bunch of thieving dogs.

This is in reference to the company of course, not the underpaid retail workers whose welfare the boss couldn’t give a fuck about.

Known colloquially as the ‘Final Boss Boomer’ Gerry Harvey has lost considerable standing in the business community, as he continues to oversee all Harvey Norman operations well into his empathy-deficient greedy conservative twilight years.

Mr Harvey has refused to pay back the tax-payer-funded wage subsidies his company received despite booking more than $900 million in profits over the past 18 months and paying over $500 million in dividends to investors.

Mr Harvey netted more than $70 million in dividends himself. His justification for stealing millions of dollars from the taxpayer is one of those entitled boomer arguments where he insists he should be exempt from any form of societal responsibilities because he’s spent a lifetime paying heavily minimised tax returns.

And true to the Australian political climate, Gerry will not be made to pay shit. As the Prime Minister backs the Liberal Party donor over the worker and writes off all criticism of a him as ‘jealousy’.

The PM made it clear that he is “not into the politics of envy” except for when he creates a faulty computer algorithm to claw back Centrelink overpayments that causes Australia’s most vulnerable to kill themselves.

However, Gerry Harvey might not getting out of this completely unscathed, as fired up Union delegates are currently staging protests outside their stores, demanding he pay back at least pay back the JobKeeper payments.

Already unpopular with the trade union movement for his refusal to raise employee wages to a level that might be consistent with the cost of living during a global pandemic, Gerry Harvey is now depending on on his puppets at News Corp to defend his legacy.

As the biggest advertiser on Sky News and in their dying print rags, Gerry has not taken one knock from the Murdoch media.

In fact, the current narrative is that ‘lefties’ are responsible for Gerry Harvey now being universally recognised as a theiving prick.

“‘Woke cancel culture’ is to blame for this” says Sky commentator Andrew Bolt, and every other red nosed shiraz conservative living off Gerry’s advertising dollar.


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