HOW GOOD IS THE BAGGY GREEN!!!! Prime Minister Scotty From Marketing has today fronted a press conference that seemed to serve no purpose other than for him to prove that he is still alive, before immediately spinning on his heels and walking back inside Kirribilli House.

As the Premiers ditch the entire of zero cases and begin to formulate their roadmaps out of lockdown with ambitious and 70% jab targets, Scotty seems to have nothing else to add.

Nothing at all. Everything as already been said by those state politicians who front press conferences every single day to update Australians on their current situation.

This comes after a week of gently implying that he was always keen on this ‘living with it’ strategy the whole time, even when he was patting himself on the back for the elimination strategy and insisting that the jab roll-out was not a race.

With our two most populated states in lockdown, a vast majority of the Australians are currently unable to go to work, to earn enough money to compete with the cost of living in this country in 2021, on top our end of financial year tax bills that seem to be getting spent on nothing but the lavish lifestyles of our blue-blooded federal politicians.

Australians right across the currently being exposed to community transmissions. The Morrison government has tried to blame everyone for this embarrassing reality, from medical bodies, to state governments, to the victims themselves.

Now, with everyone actively doing their part for months now and no one to blame but himself, there is literally is nothing more to add, because he certainly doesn’t have any good news for us.

So today, with community transmissions going through the roof in NSW and Victoria, Scotty actually has nothing to say, other than a few cheesy and patronising posts about our brave paralympians that he is plastering to social media.

Australians are today resigned to the fact that we’ll just let our Premiers take it from here and will wait until the Summer cricket starts up again before we get another public appearance from the big fella.


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