It seems not even Latrell Mitchell’s six match ban has been enough to shut up the drunken migaloos behind the NRL’s most clickable rugby league journalism.

The shock jocks on Fox Sport’s NRL 360 panel who have spent the entire year whingeing about the game going soft are today continuing their relentless criticism of the South Sydney fullback who has been suspended from the field for the rest of the season for playing tough football.

Three journalists in particular, all of whom have their own history of toxic macho behaviour, appear to be the main culprits behind the infatuation with Latrell Mitchell – who has kept his head low ever since he was sent off in last week’s derby against the Sydney Roosters.

Paul ‘One Match’ Kent, Buzz ‘Lap Dance’ Rothfield and the bonnet popper James Hooper have this week done their best to ensure this fairly standard on-field incident continues to stay in the headlines right through the finals series.

It is not yet known why Latrell Mitchell remains such a hot topic of conversation, but the pundits are working tirelessly to make a big deal out of his aggression, after running out of steam with their usual ‘black sook’ stereotype.

The 360 hosts are believed to be working closely with the Fox Sports social media team, relaying their controverisal comments for the unpaid interns in Willoughby to begin drafting news clickbait headlines.

The current working title for this 1000-word article is ’10 Things About Latrell Mitchell’s Breakfast Order That Proves He Needs Anger Management’.

After writing 67 articles about Latrell Mitchell’s high shot in the last two days – the nameless losers writing speculative content for Fox Sports have been told to up their numbers.

The bosses have made it clear they want at least 24 Latrell Mitchell stories PER DAY – with a preference for articles that may encourage racist internet users to vilify him on social media.

Having run out of steam with the ’emotional break down’ angle, Latrell’s improvements on the field seem to have upset the rabid rugby league media, as they work relentlessly to create an Adam Goodes scenario out of the Indigenous superstar they were cheering for when he was winning Origin matches for them.

Latrell Mitchell has not given comment on the weird obsession these drunk cunts have with him putting on the type of hits that appear in NRL promotional videos.


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