Staring at herself in the mirror, local woman Jescinta Reynolds shakes her head with disappointment.

She really should know better than to resort to petty tactics to garner attention from her crush, but considering it’d been a whole week since she heard from Jared, Jescinta felt the need to up the stakes.

If she thought a little deeper about it, Jescinta might have realised that a bloke who only ever responded to thirst traps likely wasn’t boyfriend material. Especially as she was always posting fire memes, which showcased her personality – and not her bountiful rack.

Though Jescinta didn’t usually post thirst traps, one look at the bloke’s following list had cemented a seed of doubt, and instilled in her the sudden need to broadcast her hotness. But as a perpetual over-thinker, Jescinta didn’t want her entire following to realise what she was doing – which was pretty evident, given that it was a Wednesday night.

Choosing her favourite filter, which gave her cartoonishly big lips and a teeny, alien-like nose, Jescinta finds herself posing in various parts of her room, whilst simultaneously hating herself for playing the game.

It’s alleged the targeted thirst trap was met with a fire emoji within two minutes of posting, but that it failed to kickstart a conversation.

More to come.


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