The Deputy Premier of NSW is wasting little time between defamation suits, launching some fresh legal action today.

A short time after deciding to sue a YouTube personality for publishing material he doesn’t like, the public figure has now launched legal action against a NSW police officer.

Barilaro has revealed to The Advocate today that he is suing the police officer for fining his daughter for breaching lockdown laws in the middle of a heavy Sydney lockdown.

This follows the revelations his daughter broke NSW health orders and was fined $1000 this week.

The man who is supposed to be dedicated to representing regional constituents but spends his time suing Youtubers and blowing up the government over Koala policy, said he’s going to ‘take this cop to the cleaners.’

“I don’t like what that police officer has said and done. It makes me look bad and I am suing him for doing that,” said Barilaro.

“Who does he think he is? The lockdown rules are for the everyday man, not members of the political class,” he said.

“Just ask Barnaby”

“I will be having some stern conversations with them, don’t you worry about that,”

Barilaro then told us that he was also quietly fuming that NSW police didn’t just sweep this whole thing under the carpet.

“Anyway, Western Sydney, that’s where the problems are alright,” said the Deputy Leader of a government dealing with its worst outbreak since this whole thing began.


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