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The whole of Victoria is back in lockdown which means places like Mildura, where there hasn’t been a case in over a year and is any Melbourne person’s idea of literal hell, are also told to stay home for their own safety.

Thousands of small businesses in the area are now closed but don’t worry, says Victorian Premier Dan Andrews, he will cover the costs of the lockdown eventually.

But one fishing charter operator from Red Cliffs, a small oasis community to the south of the rural city, has gone a step further.

Johno Wheeler wanted the Premier’s Office to know that what happened in Haiti could also happen in Victoria.

Now Mr Wheeler is on a number of state and federal watchlists.

Last week, gunmen stormed the home of the Haitian President and shot him dead, sparking global outrage.

“We’re sick and tired of being both lumped in and lumped out of Melbourne,” said Mr Wheeler.

“Lumped in for shit like this and lumped out when it comes to things like, oh I don’t know, education and healthcare. Transport infrastructure. Anything. As far as the Victorian Government is concerned, we’re only part of Victoria when there’s lockdowns,”

“You tell that Dan Andrews that what happened in Haiti can also happen in Melbourne. Just saying.”

A few hours ago, Wheeler said he was visited by the Australian Federal Police.

“Did you guys snitch on me? You know, you guys should be reminded that what happened in Haiti can also happen, in say, a regional newsroom in Betoota.”

More to come.


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