Grandpa Kev has just averted a major motoring/maritime disaster this afternoon, it can be confirmed.

The fill-in father figure has just prevented Scott Morrison from causing potentially tens of thousands of dollars in damage, after taking control of the steering wheel at the boat ramp this arvo.

The newest example of mentorship follows The Betoota Advocate’s exclusive revelation that Kevin Rudd has been forced to step in as the nation’s father figure, after flakey dad Scott dropped his bundle in the middle of a family crisis.

Initially stepping in to help the nation secure more doses of the spicy cough jab as a concerned private citizen, Grandpa Kev has since made a habit of helping Scotty out by mowing the overgrown lawns at the Lodge, picking up the kids from school, and flipping the sausages on the barbie before they burn.

Grampa Kev’s latest day save comes after Scotty nearly butchered the family boat and the back of the ute down at the Lavender Bay Boat Ramp.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered after watching Scotty try and reverse the boat into the water.

“Woooooo, wooooo”

“Left hand down, left Scotty, that’s your right”

“Woooooo, woooooooooooooooo!!!!!”

“Just pull the handbrake and hop out I reckon champ,” he then shouted.

A frustrated Morrison reportedly ignored him for a couple more tries before eventually hopping out of the driver’s seat and making himself scarce because the job got too hard.

Kicking stones out of sight of our reporters and refusing to answer any questions about the failure to secure the boat made it onto the water, Grandpa Kev then hopped in and carefully navigated the boat down the ramp.

At this point, Scotty re-appeared to say he had been in constant negotiations with the boat ramp and he pretty much had it in the water before Gramp Kev got involved.

The family then set out on the water with Grampa Kev reportedly forced to tackle and bait up the rods for the kids while Scott chucked his line straight in.

More to come.


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