A local man has been treated to a dose of his own medicine, after copping a Ted Talk from his girlfriend this week. 

Less than 24 hours after he spent half an hour explaining the intricacies of State of Origin football, Brad Parker has nodded his way through a crash course on the Marvel universe courtesy of his girlfriend of 6 months. 

The download comes as Brad’s new flame Serena informed him that seeing as though she sat through Origin, she would politely request he join her for the new Loki series. 

Following the run through of the traditional mind games played by the Maroons in State of Origin and the victim complex of NSW, Serena explained that ‘the most gladiatorial spectacle on planet Earth’ actually doesn’t hold a candle to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

“First thing’s first. It’s called the MCU okay. Get that into your head,” she laughed, kicking off the crash course.

“And Loki, is the God of Mischief right, he’s Thor’s adoptive brother and a lot of people say he stole the show in the Avengers film. I still can’t believe you haven’t seen them,” continued the diehard Marvel fan. 

“Anyway. Loki’s played by Tom Hiddleston, who, ahhh, I think you can probably see is a certified snack.” 

“And now he’s got his own spin off series on Disney+” 

She continued on for roughly a quarter of a match of football, jumping from the times Loki stabbed people in the back to his relationship with the Byron Bae Hemsworth. 

“He’s really funny and quirky and even though he does bad things, is actually loveable at heart.”

“So, for the next 6 weeks, on Wednesdays we are plugging in to watch the new episodes,” explained the local woman who pumps her Disney+ like her sicko sports fan boyfriend canes his sports streaming apps. 

“You like Owen Wilson, he’s in it,” she said before casting the series up and telling him to hush with the questions for now. 

More to come.


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