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In what is a brilliant time for the artisanal snowman industry, the New South Wales central tablelands have received an Antarctic blast of snow that Australian Instagram can’t get enough of.

At the time of writing, the NSW Central Tablelands town of Orange has received their biggest dump of snow since 2015, leaving thousands of homes without power but with the precious opportunity to have a rare Australian snowball fight.

“I’d like to see Bathurst put on this much snow!” stated Orange city council mayor Reg Kidd.

Kidd is not the only politician excited about the snow as many MPs are happy to put a snowy lid on any more talk about climate change for the rest of the year.

Known as the thing that will likely kill us all, man-made climate change (once known as global warming) is the term used to describe the rising temperature of the Earth due to mass pollution from industries such as coal, gas and oil.

After the failed ‘The World Is Your Sauna’ campaign, Australian politicians decided to go ahead with climate change anyway as they keep getting re-elected and the bribes are pretty tasty creating a pretty solid Win-Win solution.

Thankfully for climate change denying MPs like Craig Kelly, snow falling in less than 1% of Australia is as good an excuse as any to forget about climate change, at least until The Greens start some fires again this summer.

“How can global warming be happening if it’s cold in Orange?” asked Mr Kelly after swearing an unprompted oath to tell the truth on a Fast & Paleo Pete Evans cook book.

“Looks like these snowflakes need to have a harder look at these snowflakes!”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is yet to condemn Mr Kelly for his comments in what is now a fun long-running tradition but has praised the NSW Central Tablelands for doing its bit to fight the climate change that he enables.

“Now is not the time to not discuss the discussion of climate change which Australia is doing very well at. Later, during Pray For Rain season, when we hit another record summer with bushfires you can’t shake a hand at, that will be the time to not discuss the discussion around climate change which I think we can all agree is for all Australians.”


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