A local Betoota man who prided himself on his ‘freedom of speech’ when voting No in the recent Same-Sex Marriage plebiscite, has come out today in opposition to the new Marvel movie ‘Black Panther’ – citing a personal desire to once again feel like the victim despite being both white and a male.
Barry, 47, of Betoota Heights, has claimed that the new Black Panther movie is a textbook example of reverse racism within the mainstream media, and that the predominantly black cast of the movie flies directly in the face of him being a white person.
“It is an outrage that Marvel would make a movie so blatantly dominated by people of a single colour”, said Barry from his bedroom, surrounded by posters of The Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America.
“You’d never see it on the other foot. Imagine a movie set in a fictional white nation where everyone is white except for a token black person, all of the mythology is based around white people, and everyone has very traditionally white accents”
“It would never happen!” he said, before continuing to sip chocolate milk from his Thor sippy cup.
Barry also claims that movies such as Black Panther are emblematic of societies ‘decline’ into being more accepting of other people.
“Frankly, this is just another example of PC gone mad. This is just like that Same-Sex Marriage vote”
“I mean, everyone called me a homophobe just because I didn’t want to give some basic human rights to homosexuals. Now, everyone is calling me a racist just because I hate an objectively well made and, at the very least, enjoyable action movie with an all-black cast”
“It’s mental. I’m not a racist! I loved Django Unchained!!”


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