Explosive emails and documents obtained by The Betoota Advocate have revealed the extent to which Michaelia Cash could be in trouble.

The Minister for Employment and Minister for Women has come under fire in the last 24 hours for her verbal joust with Labor Senator and Doug Cameron, in which she threatened to “name every young woman in Mr Shorten’s office, of which rumours in this place abound.”

The threats to the women in Shorten’s office during the Senate Committee hearing have now been compounded by the revelations that Cash has been leaving notes and sending scandalous messages signed off with ‘XOXO, Gossip Girl.’

In a far cry from the Upper East Side in Manhattan, Cash has been leaving salacious notes and sending emails all around the Australian Mecca for white collar public servants like the following;

“Love may fade with the season, but some friendships are year round. Like you and me. You know you love me. XOXO —Gossip Girl”

Sources close to Cash, believe the desire to emulate the lives of Blair and Serena has been around for a while.

“Literally every time we go out for a drink, or to a function, she hassles the bartenders to make her a Mimosa,” one source who requested anonymity told us.

“She always signs off her emails and media releases with that xoxo”

We contacted Cash for comment today but she refused to confirm or deny, whether she has been wreaking havoc amongst the halls of Parliament House.

Cash simply responded with “You are going to have to wait till the final season out who Gossip Girl is.”


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